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Duck Duet

Duck Duet on Country Bread with Baby Greens
Serves 2
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For the pickled Duck
  1. 2 whole duck legs, cut into thigh and drumstick and skinned
  2. 1 carrot, cut into medium dice
  3. 1 small onion, cut into medium dice
  4. 1 ½ cups Trivento extra virgin olive oil
  5. ¾ cup Trivento pinot noir
  6. ¾ cup water
  7. ¾ cup Spanish Sherry vinegar
  8. 2 bay leaves, preferably fresh
  9. A few large sprigs of fresh oregano, leaves lightly chopped
  10. 1 teaspoon sweet paprika, preferably Spanish, such as the Basque Piment d’Espelette
  11. Salt
  12. Freshly ground black pepper
  13. Plus, 2 4-inch squares of olive foccacia
For the duck pate
  1. Trivento extra virgin olive oil
  2. 2 duck livers, cut into approximately 1 inch chunks, removing any tough connecting tissue
  3. Salt
  4. Freshly ground black pepper
  5. ½ of the cooled, pickled duck meat
  6. 4 tablespoons heavy cream
  7. Reserved duck broth, as needed
  8. A large handful of mixed baby greens, cleaned and well stemmed
  9. A few sprigs of flat leaf parsley leaves for garnish
To cook the pickled duck
  1. Place the duck pieces in a medium sized casserole. Add the carrot and onion, the olive oil, vinegar, water and all the seasonings. Bring to a boil, turn the flame to very low, and simmer, covered, for two hours. Let the duck cool in its broth. When the duck is cool, remove the meat, cutting it into bite sized pieces, discarding the bones. Save the cooking broth.
Prepare the duck pate
  1. In a small sauté pan, heat a tablespoon of olive oil over medium heat. Add the duck livers, seasoning them lightly with salt and black pepper, and sauté, turning once, until they are just cooked through, about 4 minutes.
  2. Place the duck livers in the bowl of a food processor. Add half of the pickled duck meat and pulse several times, until you have a smooth consistency. Add the cream and a tablespoon or so of the reserved duck cooking broth. Pulse again. The mixture should be thick but smooth in texture. Transfer the pate to a small bowl and chill for several hours.
  1. Divide the baby greens up onto two small plates. Place a piece of the olive focaccia on each one. Divide the pickled duck meat onto each piece of focaccia. Using two lightly oiled tablespoons, scoop out a portion of duck pate and place it on top of the pickled duck. Do the same for the other dish. Ideally you should get nice oval shaped servings. Give the greens a drizzle of Trivento olive oil and garnish the duck with the parsley sprigs.
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