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Aimee Fortney

Chef-Aimee-FortneyAimee Fortney is “Not the Perfect Cook ™,” television personality, cookbook author, recipe developer, writer and motivational speaker. Aimee is on Nashville’s WSMV Channel 4 News, every Monday and Friday at 4:30, and is a regular, weekly guest on their News and More at Midday program. Aimee’s cookbooks, Savor the Recipes and Savor the Recipes, Too (2) are available for purchase through the Cookbooks link above.

Aimee is part of the Blogger’s Council for Feeding America and is also a contributor for, and Aimee has appeared on The Today Show, Better TV and has been on Nashville’s WSMV Channel 4 since August, 2010. A food writer and a travel writer – Aimee has taken the love of both (travel and food) and meshed them, together, in many of her recipes.